Babies in Bars

(for John Berryman)


In every tavern I enter

There is a baby at the bar

—watching “Wheel of Fortune”

—sippie cup.


In the Fuzzy Mule

There is a

Baby bartender

grousing the usual yuckage

“I have to be a psychologist”


At one a.m.,

In the expansive sushi bar downtown

a large baby dressed in black

checks identification just inside the door:

“I work too much” it gurgles, then belches.


“Infants Drink Free”

“Half off Jaeger Shots”

*Toddler’s Night*

*proof of underage required*


Two tall drunken infants

heads a-bobble

sit out back

by the fire-barrel

near the Only Bar

sharing stories.


©  2017  Thomas N. Dennis




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