Bad Breeze Blues 2

There’s a stinking wind blowing

There’s a woman shooing blues

I see a child scared of animals

I see tattered old stranger shoes

There’s odd wind blowin’, yeah

It’s blowing and it ain’t right

It stinks this way in the mornin’

and it stinks that way at night

There’s an unhappy wind blowing

There’s a woman shooting blues

I watch the animals in the rain

At the  ancient non-human zoo

I dunno how it’s gonna go

You can’t predict a broken trail

Sometimes the entire flow

Vanishes from sight & surely fails

[mandolin musical interlude]

Can you say how it might go?

Would you look into that maw?

Find me she who tells the future

Who can’t unsee all that she saw

I can ask her and she might answer

And she might turn her head and sigh

Knowing all that she knows

Seeing all that she has seen

( spoken: I’m sure the truth will make me cry)

There’s this squalid breeze lashing

You see that princess with no shoes?

I see a child scared of animals

I see poets clipped by booze

Find her for me and ask this question

Were all the good things found in vain?

Will people always fuck everything up?

And July, it will be deleted by rain?


© 2017 Thomas N. Dennis


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