The Dog’s Cure vs. the Anti-Muse

The dog goes to the vet and
is miraculously cured, uttering
a single joyous bark of hallelujah.

Look! An angel with colored hair
stands atop the yellow arcs of the meat chain,
making obscene gestures? no, it’s a hooper.

Momentarily, there are no mass shootings.
Small children for just a few seconds
do not accidentally find their parents’ Lugers
and shoot themselves or other kids,
in America or anywhere else.

The dog is cured! A boy does not shoot
a bird. A man decides to stop hunting.
Suicides fail to happen, one after the other,
(for the length of the ride home
from the vet).

The anti-Muse stumbles,
curses, feels accursed,
feels his anti-Muse powers dim
but doesn’t know why.
Can’t imagine why.

© 2018 Thomas N. Dennisbumper

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