(not the anti-muse)


Hey did you see the anti-muse
downtown at the Arts Alliance
He was quoting that quote of his
He loves it so, where he got it I dunno:

<<God and Devil walking along
Something glittery pops up
“Oh,” says God, “it’s a bit of truth!”
“Give me that,” says Devil:
“I will organize it for you.”>>

That was pretty much his opening
and closing remark. Only a few of us knew
his true identity as the anti-muse but we
were treated for exposure later, so we are okay.


The anti-muse spoke at a punk party
the other night in a warehouse so hot you
could have roasted chimichangas in there, dude
ISYN! Next to the brewery next to the other brewery
What did he say? I couldn’t hear.
I guess I am lucky. I went home
and wrote three decent poems.


The anti-muse and I were
meandering down an alley between
2nd and 3rd avenue north in Birmingham
and he stopped me outside a dumpster
and he said, “Listen, I’ll admit it.”
and I said “What?” He said, “I try to
make people create the most mediocre
art possible whenever they do create art.”
I said, “Like, derivative, plagiaristic?”
He said, “Yeah. More to it than that, I suspect.”
I said, “Like moviemakers making redos of old movies
without going to the trouble to create anything original?”
My whole purpose, said the anti-muse,
“Is to keep us creating nothing.”


At the Friday night football game, at which it was hotter than fried woodchucks, the anti-muse kept cheering for both teams and also kept rambling on about how sports were really one of the best ways to keep people from creating decent art — the players’ traumatic brain problems — starting in high school or earlier, and continuing on, would be useful in this endeavor of his.

“Beauty,” said the anti-muse, lighting up a cigarette in an illegal area, “is never created by aggression and violence.” 

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